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LTRL LLC, your reliable partner in the exciting world of ground transportation in the United States.

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LTRL, LLC is a growing network based in The Woodlands, Texas.

We offer a wide range of ground transportation services, managing our own units as well as those of owner-operators and investors

We take pride in our excellent customer service representation and our reputation for fast and reliable delivery.

At LTRL, LLC, we are more than a transportation company; we are your reliable partner on the road to success.


Investment Mode

At LTRL, LLC, we offer you the opportunity to be part of the ground transportation industry in the United States in a reliable, profitable, and secure manner. Our investment model is based on a fixed-term lease, meaning we take full responsibility for operational management during the 5-year contract period. Don't worry about expenses; we've got it all covered!

Investor Onboarding Process


The process of joining LTRL, LLC is simple. Start by signing a contract with us, transferring the necessary funds, selecting and acquiring your unit, and we take care of the transfer, registration, insurance, driver, and cargo assignment.

In just 90 days, you'll start receiving your first monthly return.

Truck and Trailer

  • Entry ticket of $100,000 USD.
  • Net monthly return of $1,150 USD.
  • Net return of 18% annually.
  • Annual renewal fee of $4,200 every year for 5 years.

At the end of the 5-year contract, you have three options


Option 1:

Sell the unit to the company at a commercial value with an 18% discount from the initial value.


Option 2:

Sell the truck on your own.


Option 3:

Refurbish the truck for another term of 3 years of work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the contract signed for?

    The contract has a duration of 5 years.

  • What happens when the contract ends?

    Once this period is concluded, there are some options listed below: - The first possibility is to sell the unit. For this, you will need to consider the residual value of the equipment. In this case, the operator can assist the investor in the sales process, and the second option is that the investor can withdraw the truck and sell it on their own.

  • Once the 5 years are over, do you help us sell the truck or trailer?

    The company can take care of the sale, and it is not necessary for the investor to travel.

  • What if I want to terminate the contract before it ends?

    The client can terminate the contract at any time with a penalty of 50% of the unit.

  • What happens with the rent payment if the truck is stopped for several days in the workshop?

    The client never stops receiving their fixed monthly rent, regardless of what happens to their unit.

  • What if the truck breaks down, who fixes it? Associated costs.

    The repair and costs are 100% borne by the operator.

  • Who is responsible for hiring drivers to drive the truck?

    The selection and hiring of drivers are the responsibility of the operator.

  • What if the truck crashes on the road? What is my responsibility?

    If the truck crashes on the road, the operating company takes care of the repairs, the cost of them, and assumes full legal responsibility for the accident.

  • Is it necessary to be present to sign the contract?

    No, it is not necessary, as for American legislation, digital signature has identical validity to in-person signature.

  • To which bank account do they transfer the monthly return?

    To the account that the client indicates, which can be a corporate, personal, or third-party account.

  • For example, when a tire change is needed, does Nativo Trucking, LLC pay for it?

    All maintenance expenses are borne by the company.

  • How much does a truck devalue on average?

    Although it varies depending on the characteristics of the truck, the percentage is between 4 and 10% annually.

  • What benefit do I get from selling the truck to the company?

    If the investor decides to sell the truck to the company, they can obtain the same initial purchase value minus 18%, regardless of the depreciation the truck has had. In other words, the company absorbs the remainder of the depreciation.


"We lost our jobs during the pandemic, decided to invest in trucks, and now we have high income and the confidence that the transportation business works even in a health emergency like COVID-19."

Brenda Ortiz, Investor

"I made the most profitable decision by investing in trucks. Today, I can say it's the best business I've done, saving to continue investing in them."

Raul Zambrano, Investor

"I realized that real estate is no longer the best investment. I took the risk of diversifying my money, and now I have much higher monthly income than the rents from my properties."

Sophie Mueller

"I decided to stop driving trucks to become an owner. Today, I have two units and a lot of time to spend with my grandchildren."

Carlos Pardo, Investor